A little about me.....Along with healthy coaching, my husband, John, and I own a small business.  We provide lasers to physicians for refractive eye surgery and absolutely love it!  I also deal with an autoimmune reactivity that went misdiagnosed for years. It resulted in problems with my vision which scared the crap out of me and John! For almost 3 years I had problems seeing to the left which lead to me taking my health into my own hands. Through this experience I found out how important diet and lifestyle is to your health! I now know how to manage my autoimmune reactivity, stay healthy in a very busy life, enjoy training for endurance events, and still have time to smell the roses! I feel so great and I’m so excited to share my knowledge with everyone!!!

Warning: that was the shortened version....here's the lengthy one…  I became a health coach, like many others, from dealing with my own crazy and frustrating health problems. I personally experienced a lot of misdiagnosed problems. In the end I learned how to take my health into my own hands and realized how diet and lifestyle has an unbelievable impact on my body!

I was diagnosed with Hoshimoto’s in 2013.  I exhibited many of the symptoms, went to an endocrinologist, and was told my blood work was inconclusive but I must have it because my sister does, or at least that was how the doctor diagnosed me.  Seriously that’s I was told!  Back then I didn't question the doctor.  Sure I may have googled it when I got home....webmd may have come up....but in the end I took the synthroid he prescribed and didn't ask any questions.  

In my mind I was given a  prescription that would alleviate my weight loss struggle, exhaustion, itchy skin, and so much more.  Who would question a miracle drug!!?!  Over a year went by of me taking it and not one symptom changed!  The meds did though...Armour thyroid was now added!  

One day we were driving to an account and John was listening to Joe Rogan interview Mark Sisson.  John finished the podcast and passed the headphones to me.  It was as though Mark heard every complaint I've ever had!  Wait, I'm not supposed to be tired all of the time?  I shouldn't accept the fact that I'm a little heavier than I want to be?  I shouldn't have to run 4 days a week to try to lose weight? I can reprogram my genes by changing my food?  This was madness!  My head was spinning!  

John and I were both perplexed that I could run as much as I did, eat what we thought was a very healthy diet, take two medications, and still suffer from a list of symptoms.  After listening to Mark we figured what do we have to lose? I had to try this primal diet!  I started researching everything Paleo/Primal.  I bought every book Mark wrote.  Enrolled in the Primal Health Coach Course and made it my mission to learn as much as possible!  

It was hard at first, but cutting out the crap in my diet changed my life!  I finally started to see a difference in myself and it was much more than my weight!  My knees didn't hurt as much.  I didn't want to tear my skin off due to the itchiness.  Running was even easier.  I didn't need a nap everyday at 1pm.  It took time but  it was worth it!  Of course after this, I was done with the meds!  Yes, I know that's not recommended but I was sick of paying for something that wasn't working!  

I wish that's where my health journey stops but unfortunately that's not all.  I was training to run my 4th marathon in May of 2016.  I'll never forget this particular 18 mile run.  I finished the run, got ready to meet my family for my 35th birthday celebration, and the left side of my body shut down!  The knee pain was worse than I've ever experienced and I couldn't see clearly to the left of me.  This was obviously abnormal but I had so much going on I didn't have time to figure it out.  Plus I had 3 weeks until the marathon which was plenty of time to heal.  I'm way too stubborn!  

A few days before the race the vision problem had not gone away.  I promised John I would only run the marathon if a doctor approved it.  What the hell was I thinking?  Of course a doctor won't approve this madness!  We went to an urgent care and since they didn’t have any answers they sent me to the emergency room.  I spent 24 hours there, had more tests than I can count, saw more specialists than I can remember, and left without a diagnosis!  At one point they were taking blood to have as backups in case they needed more tests!  They ruled out the possibility of a stroke.  My tests were coming back with great results.  They did a cerebral angiogram and didn't see anything that would have caused my symptoms.  By the end of this visit I felt like I was crazy!  Was I actually experiencing these problems?  Was it all in my head?  Did I really just cry hysterically in front of one doc and 20 interns when they confirmed I couldn't run?  So many questions!  Where the heck were the answers???

For months after the hospital visit I saw every specialist UPMC had to offer.  Still no answers!  My tests came back great!  My vision was getting better but it was still blurry when I looked to the left.  I was convinced it was stress. I tried yoga and meditation. I’m an energetic person so both yoga and meditation stressed me out. The only way I could relax was running! So I continued to run! I started to track when I couldn’t see clearly. I was tracking everything…..maybe it was stress….maybe it was when my heart rate was elevated….maybe it was when I was too hot….maybe it was when I ate too many carbs…..maybe it was when I didn’t have enough carbs. So many graphs and no answers! I had no clue what was going on! I’m not a doctor! I needed help!

I realized it’s all about finding the right doctor. Or in my case, the right group of doctors! 2.5 years later and I have finally been diagnosed with medial rectus fibrosis in my right eye. Which is typically caused by a thyroid issue and causes double vision! After the Ophthalmologist diagnosed me, I was immediately in contact with a functional medicine doctor to get my thyroid healthy. I’m not one that wants to live on medicine forever. The best feeling is having answers and knowing the team you have on your side is going to help you!

In my own journey I realized how much I want to help others! I’ve always loved helping people and now being able to help them become healthy is so exciting!

In my programs I combine Prima/Paleo eating with Integrative lifestyle to find what works best for you! It’s all about balance, stressing less, and enjoying the process. Contact me today to schedule a free 20 minute consultation!