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I am not paid by this company and I have no affiliation to them.  I'm just a person that loves to shop, loves to research, and loves to try new products.  I know it can be a little overwhelming when you're trying to get rid of all of the chemicals in your life!  Whether it's food or household stuff....I get it!  I'm hoping my occasional reviews will help you get started to a natural product filled life!  I'll be honest, when I find a brand I like I stick to it.  I'm a very loyal customer and a tough critic!

So here it goes.....I will start with the end result and anyone that wants more detail can continue reading.  I absolutely LOVE this company!  I love what they are about!  I love most of the products I have bought so far!  I love how quickly it shows up at my door!   I'll admit, at first I was a little caught off guard with the pricing.  The bottles all seem so tiny for that amount of money.  Don't let the size fool only need a little bit of everything and it lasts forever!  Can you tell I'm obsessed?!!?!?  I swear I'm a tough critic!  They just nailed it on most of the products I've tried!  The website is

Before we get started let's take a look at what brands I have previously used.  Face wash and face lotion was the entire Clinique Redness Solution regimen.  Body lotion was Aveno body lotion or whatever costco had on sale at the time.  Body wash was Dove dry skin body wash.  Deodorant was Degree 48 hour (or some crazy number like that).  I have sensitive skin and a very sensitive nose so it can be challenging for me to find products I like.  I can smell everything which makes me a bit neurotic about my hygiene.  I was very nervous to switch up my brands but I really wanted to find a natural beauty routine.  I have officially switched almost everything to Holistic Science!

Here's my take:

Gentle Facial Cleanser - It cleans so much better than expected and takes my makeup off without a problem!  I used to wash my face twice to make sure the makeup was off and with this cleanser I don't have to!  I feel clean the first time around.  Hey I warned you I was neurotic!  

Mineral Tonic Mist - I went with the fresh citrus scent.  I use it in the morning after a shower and I love starting my day with it!  It's described as a pick me up.  If you told me it was a placebo effect I wouldn't care.  It makes me feel good no matter what the reason is!  

Pure SPF - 15 lightweight Moisturizer - While it doesn't take care of my red skin it does definitely have a lightweight feel to it.  I switched to their body milk (review below) as a face lotion and my redness problems have gone down.  It worked out well since my husband has now claimed the moisturizer as his own!  His skin seems to go in stages.  It's very oily one day and very dry the next.  He has used every product out there!  He noticed a huge difference the first day he used the cleanser and moisturizer!  It's been very balanced and he's getting the SPF protection he refuses to put on seperately!

Odor D-fense Aluminum-free deodorant for Women - replaced Degree...and Dove....and Secret...and every other brand.  As you can tell I never found anything that worked.  I sweat a lot and I'm sensitive to smell....good grief that's a rough combination!  This is the best deodorant I have ever used!  It's unbelievable and probably my favorite product so far!  I am excited to try the unscented one.  While this smell isn't bad it's not my favorite.  My husband says he can't smell anything so it might just be me.  I typically pick cotton or citrus scents and this has more of a stronger smell.  Again, it's not bad at all!  Just not a personal preference but I honestly don't care since it works!  

Sulphate-free Body Wash: Spearmint, Line & Eucalyptus -  I'm absolutely obsessed with this product!  I love the smell and I love the way it cleans!  I almost hid it from my husband because he's a fan of it too.  I sort of didn't want to share!  So far this is my favorite body wash ever!!!  I can't review this anymore....just buy it!

Vegan Body Milk - Green Tea, Ginger and Lemongrass - This is one of the products that caught me off guard with how much it cost compared to how tiny the bottle is.  Remember size doesn't matter!  I have very dry skin, especially my legs, and use lotion every time I get out of the shower.  This works so well and I only need one squirt for my entire body!  No joke!  I use this as face lotion as well and it's taken care of my red skin.  Some say I have rosacea....I think my face just turns red....whatever it is at least it's not blotchy anymore!  

Silk-E Smooth Shampoo and Rinse out Conditioner- Honestly these won't be my go to's.  I've tried other brands I prefer.  I just felt as though my hair was a bit dull.  Typically when I try a new shampoo and conditioner I have a good hair day.  That wasn't the case with this.  It was just alright.  Plus the conditioner is a screw off cap.  I don't have the patience to unscrew a cap and scoop out the conditioner.  Yes, I know that's extremely minor but one ok review out of a ton of products is awesome!

Ultra Hydrating Moisture Stick - Coconut - I love this!!!!  I used to be obsessed with burts bees lip stuff.  I've thrown all of my lip products away and only use this.  Looking at all of the flavors I'm shocked I picked coconut.  It's not one I would go to but this is great!  Now I'm excited to try the other flavors!

Bug D-fense, Herbal Insect Repellent - I'm one that always gets eaten alive!  My main concern is when I run on the trail.  I'm usually running crazy trying to get away from the fly that no one else can see!  I know I said the deodorant was my favorite product but it might be tied with this!  This smells great and works wonders!  I spray it on me before I hit the trail and I haven't had one bug follow me around!  God knows it's not because I got faster!  Great product!

Well that is all of the Holistic Science products that I have tried so far.  I'm now thinking this blog is a bad idea since it just made me aware of all of the products I still want!  Just a tip - I bought most of the products in the 2oz size to try at first.  Since then I've bought the larger bottles for home and keep the smaller ones for travel.  It works great!  Going shopping....catch ya later!

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