Is Wheat good for you?

Happy Transform You Tuesday!!!

So anyone else ask google everything?  Anyone else also search until you find the answer you’re looking for?    John typically hates when I start a story with “google” told me.  Then again, I feel like it’s a step up from when I would say “web MD” told me!  

For as much as I hate to admit it….google is not always right.  You can get the answer you want depending on how you state the question….shocker I know!  Knee pain….yes it is runners knee and not the fact that you need to see a doctor right away because you no longer have an ACL!  See….answer that I wanted and I tend to stop there!

So this got me thinking…..what if everyone was learning about food by internet searches?!? How will they ever find the correct information?  Well that’s what brings me to Transform You Tuesday…TYT!  As a Primal Health Coach my mission is to inform you about food.  From there you can chose how you use the information.  Hopefully it gets you to eat more whole foods and you start skipping the processed foods aisles!

Let’s start with Wheat…

First google search: Is Wheat good for you? My results shows “whole wheat is important because it’s high in fiber, vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals.”  Well that does make it seem worth while to eat!  Now let’s dive into the truth…..

I think Dr. William Davis of the Wheat Belly Diet states it best: “this thing being sold to us called wheat is this stocky little high-yield plant, a distant relative of the wheat our mothers used to bake muffins, biochemically light-years removed from the wheat of just 40 years ago.”

So what has changed?  Well with the use of chemicals wheat is now resistant to drought and pests!  It has become biologically manipulated which in turn contains more gluten.  It’s also grown in synthetic soil, then bleached and chemically treated.  If animals won’t touch this food why are humans so insistent it has to be part of their diet?

According to Dr. William Davis, consuming modern day wheat is one of the main cause of health problems including: 

  • Increased appetite, overeating, and cravings

  • Blood sugar surges that trigger cycles of energy spikes and dips

  • higher risk for metabolic syndrome and heart disease risk factors

  • problems regarding the process of glycation that underlies disease and aging

  • negative effects on gut health

  • alterations in the body’s pH levels

  • fatigue, weakness, and lack of mental focus

  • degeneration of cartilage and higher risk for problems like arthritis and joint pain

Anyone else feel as though their head is going to explode with all of this information? 

Ok time for some happy thoughts! What about the benefits of cutting wheat from your diet?  The list is long but to give a few great points….

  • A life without wheat could potentially help you lose weight or prevent weight gain.  This is one of the main reasons I signed up!

  • It encourages healthier habits and reduces cravings. I can admit I no longer crave chocolate. I used to eat it daily….no joke! 

  • A life without wheat teaches you how to read food labels and gets you cooking at home more!  If anything this article should teach you that you need to read more than just the front of the package. You need to read all of the ingredients and know what you’re feeding your body.

  • Last, it may help improve your digestive system.  We need our bodies running efficiently!

A few questions for you… Are you ready to cut wheat out of your diet? Are you still hesitant but willing to try to live without wheat for 21 days? I’d love to help! Email me,, and lets get started!

Good luck on your healthy lifestyle journey!